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Cabin charter sailing holidays

A cabin charter is a unique option for couples, friends or individuals who would like to explore the Greek islands and have an amusing sailing trip. If you haven’t the sailing qualifications or you want alternative holidays with the right cost, you can choose cabin charter holidays. Cabin charter is also an ideal option to live the adventure of the sea and make new friends.

With a cabin charter you usually book anything from a single cabin (two berths) to the entire yacht. Also with a cabin charter you share the costs of the yacht plus skipper with the other travelers. However, you only book a cabin, not charter the entire yacht

Your sailing holidays are under the guidance of a professional skipper who has been sailing in Greece for years and who is responsible for the yacht and your safety. Cabin charter is excellent if you want to enjoy the sun and the sea, not worry about managing the yacht, but are interested in ‘helping out’ with the sailing.

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