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Sporades is an archipelago consists of a cluster of small islands with only 3 inhabited ones offering amazing options for luxury motor yacht or sailing yacht charters. This group of islands is located off the eastern coast of mainland Greece, north of the Aegean. These islands are famous as tourist destinations particularly for sailing. The islands are filled with thick and lush vegetation and the terrain are mostly mountainous.

The popular islands in the Sporades group are Alonissos, Skopelos, Skiathos. These islands have ample facilities like tavernas, restaurants, shops and hotels. Skopelos on the other hand, offers a quiet and calm retreat with its picturesque and tranquil ambiance.

If you opt to charter a yacht, this area of Sporades is a great place to venture out in the sea. Admire the clear blue seas and the panoramic views of charming little villages. If you are lucky enough you might see some dolphins in Sporades and might sail along with your yacht!

Sporades is also a popular destination for sailing in Greece due to the fine sailing condition in the area. The popular ports are those of Skopelos town and Glossa in Skopelos island while Hora of Skiathos is the main port of Skiathos island. Of course, there are other places for you to moor and anchor your luxury yachts aside from these ports for any luxury motor yachts or sailing boats

Since you are on chartered yachts, you have to freedom to explore the different islands of Sporades from the most secluded to the most unspoiled places. Take note that Sporades has one of the clearest seas in Greece with its impressive blue color. The sands of the beaches are most soft and golden. Lastly, you might be interested in venturing to the secluded sea caves of Skiathos.

Following years of badgering from our regular customers for a flotilla in the Sporades Islands of Greece, we were thrilled to launch this new route during 2012. Such is the popularity of it that many dates for 2014 are already fully booked!

The Sporades Islands lie to the North of Athens, in the Aegean Sea.  Amongst other things, they are famous for the regular summer meltemi winds and as the setting for the 2008 ‘Mamma Mia’ movie.  The area is also home to the National Marine Park of Alonissos and the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal.

With the stunning clarity of the water and the beautiful bays in the more remote islands that lie further east, a feature of this route is spending the occasional night away from it all. These nights are spent anchored in uninhabited, sheltered bays, with just the twinkle of starlight above you.  The only sound is of water lapping on the beach and the tinkle of bells from wandering goats!  This is a most satisfying and relaxing way to enjoy these outer islands.

The wind in the Sporades during our sailing season is generally from the north or north east and is known as the ‘meltemi’.  It can be a lively wind at times and so this route is aimed at our more experienced flotilla sailors. The combination of the stronger winds and the flat seas on the leeward side of the islands offers perfect conditions…