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The Dodecanese Islands lie to the east of the Cyclades off the coast of Turkey. The Dodecanese are said to be a sailor?s paradise of more than 163 islands and islets. There are uncounted beautiful beaches and bays that one should not miss on each island.

The charter points to begin the sailing trip and schedule the Dodecanese route are from our sailing charter base in Rhodos island (Mandraki Marina), Samos island (Pythagoreio New Marina), or Kos island (Kos marina). All bases are located near international airports of the respective islands.

In the summer months (June to September inclusive), the prevailing wind is the “Meltemi” coming from the NW-W like in the Cyclades islands and the open Aegean Sea. It begins to blow in mid June, powers-up from end July to early September and weakens off in October. The usual force of the North winds is 4-6 in Beaufort scale and may on occasion reach force 7 or more rarely 8.

It does not blow every day, but may do so without break for 3 to 4 days and less times 5-6 days. When the “Meltemi” suffles at full strength, mainly in July and August, Attention should be drawn: The gusts off the leeward side of the islands are considerably stronger than those in the open sea or the windward side of the islands – because of the funneling phenomenon of the wind above the hills and small mounts of the Greek islands in the vicinity. Gusts are particularly strong off Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos, Nissyros, Tilos, Karpathos and Astypalea. Even stronger winds and big waves are often seen at the area off Ikria island, while the southern coast of Samos island is considered a calmer place for sailing in Greece and the Greek islands.

In the less protected area between Astypalea and Karpathos, the “Meltemi” can blow for several days in a row. Although it is possible to set sails N when the northern wind “Meltemi” is blowing, it will feel better to head S, especially in July and August when the typical short waves of the sea can turn sailing or motoring upwind to an uncomfortable and tiring experience.

We are preparing (soon to come) more information & a few more statistics for the climate, winds (direction and force) as well as air and sea temperature, rainfall and sunshine hours per day in the Dodecanese islands in Greece.

  Astypalea Island

  Ikaria Island 

  Kalymnos Island

  Karpathos & Kasos Island

  Kastelorizo Island

  Kos Island

  Lipsi, Arkii & Fourni Island

  Leros Island

  Nissiros Island

  Patmos Island

  Rhodos Island

  Samos Island

  Symi Island

  Tilos Island